Pirated Radio




Pirated Radio is a podcast I started in 2021 on the back of a paper I wrote about the changing landscape of the design industry. Whilst I was gaining first hand research for this I reached out to a gentleman called Ian Paget who runs his own podcast called the Logo Geek podcast. He invited me to join him on a recording and I caught the podcast bug from there.

To begin with I listened to as many design podcasts that I could get my hands on (this is maximum about 5 if I'm being honest. Theres not alot of competition in the field.)

After this, I came to a bit of a conclusion that every single design podcast was ran by someone who was atleast 47 and white. I decided I wanted to change that by adding in more diverse, young voices. And alas, Pirated radio was born. It's a place where I pick the brains of the most prestigious designers in the field and pass this info onto students and also acts as a place for new designers to shout about their work and the topics they think should be talked about from design diversity to mental health.

If you want to have a listen, and I'd advise you did. It's mint. You can here.