Art Direction

Graphic Design


Emotions can be confusing at the best of times, I think everyone can agree with that. And for people with learning difficulties this can sometimes mean that expressing how they feel can sometimes be difficult.

Hue is a concept application designed for children with learning difficulties that looks to help with that. When the application is first opened users are asked to assign each emotion a colour.

From then on whenever the user opens the application they are asked how they are feeling and are presented with the colours they assigned to an emotion at the start.

As colours are a spectrum the user can mix colours to achieve a feeling that can't be expressed through words. For example if blue is happy and angry is red the user can specify both of them on a certain day and the resulting mark is identified as purple.

This information can then be accessed by teachers, parents, medical professionals and careers to cater things like activities and food and can also be used to document the growth of the child as they get older.